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WOW so glad I walked by and discovered this amazing gem sure to be an instant hit on Myrtle! Rising from the ashes of Covid is new growth in the form of this adorable store, completely family run and themed. Their Macarons were amazing but I'll be back soon to taste the rest. Friend's this is exactly the type of small business we all said we were rooting for all last year - well here it is! See you there!

Brian E.

Excellent variety of candies and other sweets. There's also an 18 & over only room. Awesome! Boozy candy! Great variety of candy apples, fresh chocolates and cupcakes. We also found candies that we've only seen online. The young staff was polite and helpful. A gentleman who appeared to be the owner was very helpful as well. We'll be back each time we need unique items for gifts and baskets!

Kaylyn S.

This shop has everything you need - from Nerds to various flavors of rice crispy treats and popcorn to specialty chocolates and even fancy chocolate and caramel covered apples!! I met the owner and he was so nice and helpful and full of info! The store is so deceptively huge - seems like it goes on for miles!! And there's so much choice - even a bunch of old school candies in the back! I grabbed some Sweet Tarts Ropes, chocolate coconut nests, chocolate caramel marshmallows, a S'mores rice crispy treat, and the chocolate caramels I originally came in for.

Hannah S.