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About Us

About Us

“Every day is a sweet day at Sweet Ethans.”

We began out of the desire to bring some joy to our six children during the Covid lockdown.  We were eager to give them a project to, at the very least, see them genuinely smile during this very solemn time.  With the brilliance of our children’s young minds, we turned this goal into a reality.  We opened a small store in downtown Monrovia. If you have a chance to visit, you will notice handmade art and display cases made by our “professional contractors”, a highly esteemed group of our six children!☺️ You will also notice the hundreds and hundreds of sweet treats.  Do not fret, these have all been carefully analyzed and approved by our “sophisticated tasting panel” (our children😊). 
Our goal of bringing joy and smiles continues to be our driving force. We want you to always have a sweet day and we hope to always make it that when you visit!❤️


403 South Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, California 91016
(626) 386-5920